Bam Farayand System to support from provide engineering services, and also the ability to provide complete and integrated services to respected employers, provides support services for issues related to HSE.
Maintaining quality in the provision of support services at the level of engineering services provided, the main policy of Bam Farayand System in this section.

Expertise and experience are two basic criteria in the evaluation of manpower in HSE issues and obviouslya large part of HSE issues based on manpower. Systems maintenance, continuous and precise monitoring, providing relevant documents, providing improving solutions, scientific and trict supervision, permit issuance, risk assessment and other issues discussed in HSE, all depending on the availability and performance of experienced and skilled manpower. ‘’Bam Farayand System’’ company in line with its duty to privide safety and healthy workplaces, put to provide skilled manpower in various HSE issues with reagrd to the operational needs of companies and organizations, is one of the work programs. What is important is the balance of work force and kind of project that is considered from two perspectives, experience and exertise. Obviously, the needs of the construction and development project and different with process operational projects and be one of the essential key words in power supply. Experience and performance of all personnel under the supervision of company are guaranteed and we assure you that introducing you the qualified people with scientific and practical experience that are proper for your activity.
We always want you the best because

"you deserve the best"

Bam Farayand System, with membership in an international team, has the ability to supply all googs that related to HSE issues and other equipment for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry with a wide range of international offices in Asia and Europe with a variety of brands.
Our goal is to supply quality goods in accordance with the wishes of the employer in the shortest possible time and with the lowest cost. The main focus of this company is the supply of goods related to the field of safety, health and environment.