Importance and position of HSE

Nowadays, importance and position of HSE in different industries is obvious, given the increasing attention of institution and industrial units to related issues of HSE, unfold efficiency and effectiveness of HSE-based management systems, increasing development of national and international regulations in the field of helath, safety and environment, all make HSE position as one of the pillars of operational and organizational units, obvious to everyone. Accordingly, HSE settlement and thus HSE management system placed on the agenda of most large and small industries. But it should be noted that the system, according to its own coordinates and special features, require abundant expertise and experience in planning, implementing and running and should not simply let is pass. Bam Farayand System company with pride and trying on its huge wealth of own human resources experience, is ready to be your advisor and depositary in the route of establishment and institutionalization of this culture and knowledge in your organization. A wide range of services of Bam Farayand System company in this field certainly responder of needs and demands of your company.

Organizational Declaration

We believe a homogeneous, balanced, and comprehensive development could be achieved through a deep understanding of and simultaneous attention to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment. This is only attained by developing a comprehensive HSE culture. We believe that improving the Health, Safety, and Environment culture is a crucial responsibility which requires objective, planned, group endeavor of all people involved in industry. An endeavor based on scientific and technical criteria complied with today’s highly accelerated advancement. We know we are at the beginning but we try our best to do as much as we can. Surely the best we are as we deeply believe
“You, Deserve the Best.”


Customer orientation
Mutual respect, trust, and communication
Organizational and professional viewpoint
Innovation and initiative
Respect existing structures and use of clients’ resources to minimize costs
Endeavor to elevate efficiency
Productive interaction
Be up-to-date
Coordination and proceed with accelerated flow of science and technology.


Our mission and objective is to improve Health, Safety, Environment, and their relative subsidiaries in industry through scientific, technical, and operational point of view to the HSE. Briefly speaking, through a comprehensive, scientific, and creative viewpoint on HSE issues, BAM Farayand System aims to help industries to: Ensure safety of people, facilities and products. Reduce and ultimately prevent incidents Minimize destructive consequences of likely incidents Reduce devastating environmental consequences of industrial activities Minimize pollutants rates Prevent occupational illnesses Ensure continuous and sustainable production and apply a dynamic pattern for continuous improvement.